Express Auto Registration

Express Auto Registration, licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, is located in San Diego, CA and offers a quick, easy, and efficient alternative to DMV renewal options. Don't get trapped waiting in line at the DMV or waiting a week or even two for your registration to be delivered. Express Auto Registration offers renewal services on the spot and will E-copy your registration so you will not get stuck driving without a registration card. Did you lose your registration notice? Don't worry about it. We could help you that as well. Don’t waste your time waiting at the DMV. Make a better choice with Express Auto Registration.

Vehicle Registration

If you purchased a vehicle in California or recently moved to California from another state, you are required to register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to legally operate your vehicle in the state of California. We will help you gather the documents and fees required to comply with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to complete the registration process for your vehicle.

California Vehicle Registration

If you purchased a vehicle at a dealership, they generally take care of the entire DMV registration process for you. Dealership will issue temporary registration until your permanent registration card and a sticker arrives in the mail from the DMV. We suggest conforming with the dealership before purchasing to be sure that the dealership will complete the register documents. Purchasing a vehicle from a private party makes the registration process a little more complicated. The buyer has 10 days from the date of Purchas to register your vehicle with the DMV (or face late fees). Make sure you submit the following documentation:

Registration for a New California Resident

Welcome to California, Once you officially establish your residency in California you will have 20 days to register your vehicle with the DMV to avoid late fees. To register your vehicle makes sure to have:
  • A Completed Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343).
  • The Vehicle's Out-of-State Title.
  • The Vehicle's Out-of-State Registration.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • A Valid Smog Certificate with in (90) days from the date smog.
  • Verification of Vehicle VIN inspection, you will be issued your registration card, stickers, and plates.

Registration Renewal

Unfortunately, your car registration is not a one-time deal. In the state of California, you will need to renew your registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) annually. It is illegal to drive with expired registration, so be sure you stay on top of your registration status. Don’t worry if you don’t know when you registration is due; the DMV sends renewal notices through the mail to make sure you know exactly when your registration is going to expire. Keep your address updated in the DMV system to ensure that you receive your notice.

Vehicle Registration Fees

How much will you have to pay to renew your registration? It really depends on the vehicle. Fortunately, the DMV supplies a Vehicle Registration Vehicle Fee Calculator. Simply enter your license plate number, VIN, county, and Zip Code.