DMV Registration Services

If you have bought, sold or inherited a vehicle, you’ll have to complete a transfer title with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to officially change the vehicle’s ownership. We will help you to do title transfer instructions for vehicle buyers, sellers, and for those looking to transfer a vehicle between family members

Title Transfer When Selling a Vehicle

The state of California requires sellers to notify the DMV and officially relinquish ownership of their sold vehicle within 5 days. Once you complete and submit the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability. The process can also be completed. It will require the vehicle’s license plate number, the last five digits of the vehicle identification number, and the new owner’s name and address. The ownership transfer will not be official until the new owner completes the title transfer. In order for the transfer to be completed, you must supply the new owner with:

Transferring a Vehicle Between Family Members

The DMV considers a family transfer as an ownership transfer between two of the following: a spouse, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, or domestic partner. A family transfer is exempt from a smog certification and uses tax rates based on the purchase price of the vehicle and a reclassification of the vehicle’s value.Even though it’s a family transfer, the “seller” must still submit a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability to the DMV within 5 days of transferring ownership.To complete your family transfer, make sure you submit:
  • The Vehicle Title (signed by seller).
  • A Statement of Facts for smog certification and use tax exemptions.
  • Odometer Reading if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.
  • Payment for all fees.
  • Smog Inspection
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive your new registration and plates on the spot. Your official title will be mailed and should arrive within a few weeks.


How much will you have to pay to renew your registration? It really depends on the vehicle. Fortunately, the DMV supplies a Vehicle Registration Vehicle Fee Calculator. Simply enter your license plate number, VIN, county, and Zip Code.

Smog Inspection

If you are transferring a vehicle that is less than four years old, a smog inspection is not required. If the vehicle has obtained smog certification in the last 90 days, the requirement is also waved.
Once the process is complete, you will receive your new registration and plates. You will receive your official title in the mail within a few weeks