Replace Lost CA Title

A vehicle title it states ownership and protects its owners by proving whom is the true owner of the vehicle. However just like anything else it can be lost, stolen, or destroyed. Express auto registration is here to replace lost titles quickly and easily.

Replacing a Lost Title

The Certificate of Title is one of the most important documents associated with your vehicle. A vehicle without a title cannot be bought or sold, so it is vital that vehicle owners always have a copy of their title in a safe place. It is not recommended to keep your vehicle title in your car. This will only increase the chances of it being lost, damaged, or even stolen.
In the event that your title lost, stolen, or damaged to the point that it is no longer legible, you will need to apply for a duplicate title from the Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Only the legal owner of the vehicle can obtain a duplicate title. Instead of going to the DMV you can come in and bring the following documents to express auto registration:


The DMV fee for replacing a lost title is $20. This fee is subject to change and is different for a boat/vessel title